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Our Survival PVP Server is based on a Free2Play policy Players can, however, apply (for free) for the VIP rank which grants them access to numerous additional plugins and tools on the server. Our FTB server, however is based on a Grey List system which guarantees you Grief-Free quality game time. This allows us to filter out all the Trolls, Griefers, and Immature players keeping the server running without any issues.

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SMP PVP Survival

Minecraft is a game about breaking, placing  and crafting blocks. At first, young members will build structures to protect themselves from mobs, but as they expand into the multiplayer world, they will encounter other threats, friends, and secrets! Come join us and the rest of the Dreadcraft community in this endless world of possibilities!

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Space Engineers Survival

Space Engineers is a voxel-based sandbox game set in an asteroid field in space. It is currently available as an early access game, and is being developed and published by the indie video game developer Keen Software House based out of the Czech Republic. You can buy the game on Steam in the early access games.

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Multiple Dimensions

Different Gameplay experiences across different worlds and realms.

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